These affordable glasses give you extended reality with the help of an iPhone


Here are a number of alternatives within mobile VR, but mobile-based glasses that give you so-called expanded reality are somewhat rare. Now a new product has appeared, Engadget has snapped up.

Mira Prism is the name of a pair of expanded reality glasses that pick up its power from a mobile phone and cost only $ 99 in the US, ie around $ 800.

The glasses work by mirroring images displayed on the screen and projecting them on a transparent "visor" in front of the eyes of the user. In this way, one gets an effect aligning it, for example, Microsoft's HoloLens offers, but in a much simpler version.

Only compatible with iPhone

To wear the glasses, you must be in possession of either an iPhone 6, 6s or 7, which is pushed into a pocket on the glasses and will be in an angled position just above the eyes.

The product thus facilitates interaction with virtual objects that appear on top of the real environment, and according to Engadget, who tried the product, it actually works quite well when considering the low price.

The spectacles come with rotational tracking and a motion-sensitive remote control with touch surface and trigger button. The product also has a viewer feature that allows others to view your expanded reality photos from a tablet or mobile.

Prism can now be pre-ordered at a price of $ 99, but the product is only available in the United States and Canada so far, so it is unclear when it can be bought here. Read more on the website , and watch video below for an introduction.