Netflix is hoping for new subscribers

The new quarterly figures offer two milestones for the flow service.

Netflix is gaining an increasing share of the market share of traditional TV, and it seems that the development does not stop with the first. Now the power service has posted its latest quarterly figures , and they have good reason to be satisfied.

In the second quarter of this year, the company's flow department reported revenue of $ 2.6 billion, an increase of 35.8 percent compared with the same period last year.

Over 100 million users globally

The reason for the steep recovery is, of course, that Netflix has acquired many new subscribers. The company reported a net increase of 5.2 million users of power services in the second quarter, which means that the company has now passed the milestone of 100 million users worldwide.

Netflix has had a successful commitment to proprietary content, such as award-winning House of Cards. Photo: NetflixMore specifically, Netflix now has 104 million users, up from 83.2 million users in the same quarter last year. This was a stronger increase than the company had expected. The second milestone is that the number of international users has passed the number of US users for the first time, albeit with a small margin.

Successful commitment to your own content

Just over 52 million users are now outside of the US, while 51.9 users of power services are located in the company's home country. The number of international users was only 36 million in the second quarter last year, which means that the increase in user spending outside the US has been at juicy 44 percent in the last year.

Part of the success is likely to be attributed to a successful focus on self-produced content of high quality. In the press release, Netflix points out that 27 original programs of the service recently received 91 nominations for the prestigious Emmy award. This was a doubling from last year.