HBO sends warnings to Game of Thrones pirates

Finally hits down on the superpopular series downloaders.

HBO series Game of Thrones is very popular with pirates, and many times earlier we reported that the series has set new pirate records . The seventh season had a recent premiere, and as usual, the BitTorrent community went crazy. This time, however, HBO has chosen to give the pirates a never short shot for the bow.

As the TorrentFreak site reports, HBO began to send warnings to network providers after the premiere of the latest season.

Contains IP addresses for suspected pirates

The messages from the company contain IP addresses for alleged BitTorrent users who share the first episode of the new season online. In the notification, HBO asks network providers to report to their customers so that copyright infringement can be avoided

HBO Series Game of Thrones recently entered its seventh season. Photo: HBOThe company has also previously gone to similar steps in previous seasons, and with this new measure it is clear that HBO does not intend to let pirates' downloadives go unnoticed, but signal that they take the phenomenon seriously.

It is unclear just how many messages have been sent out. As TorrentFreak points out, HBO does not have the opportunity to claim to know the identity of the people behind the IP addresses without going to court, and under today's legislation, network providers are also required to forward the warnings to the appropriate end users.

Whether or not HBO wishes to go further by resorting to legal action is uncertain, but it is probably not a matter of urgency against online pirates a high priority at Game of Thrones.