Google's smart glasses are not dead at all

Launches business version of the glasses.

Google's smart glasses got a lot of attention at the very beginning, but then the interest fell to such an extent that Google had to revert to the rumors that Google Glass was completely dead . Now, the company is turning a new blow to its smart glasses, reports Wired .

The Google X-Creator blog, which developed the glasses, reveals that a "new chapter" for Google Glass has been opened. The new venture means that Google has now launched a new edition of the glasses they call Glass Enterprise Edition , which is primarily aimed at business.

The intention is to use the transparent screen on the glasses to increase the productivity of the workers by providing access to useful information while working in a practical way. Google has already delivered the glasses to a number of partners, and it seems that the positive results have not been awaiting.

According to them, a company called AGCO, which manufactures equipment for agriculture, has experienced a 25 percent productivity increase after they began to use the Google Glass expanded reality technology.

The glasses are used, among other things, to provide workers with instructions and quality checklists along the way, for example, putting together complicated machines and allowing workers to benefit from each other's expertise, for example, by giving others access to your own perspective while working.

In addition to manufacturing, Glass Enterprise Edition now also includes logistics and medicine. It is uncertain to what extent the new glasses are available in other markets, but stakeholders can report their interest by leaving their e-mail address on the website .