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Do you need waterproof mobile?

These days our mobiles are watching the calendar with horror. Whether there are beach holidays, umbrella drinks or shelters, there are many ways a mobile can die in the next two to four months, depending on where you live and how generous the gods are.

So what kind of mobile should you choose so that the sudden wave or piña colada can not kill it? Here's a small introduction to how well secured the mobile phones you can buy are, and a list of the most current models in each category.

 At your own risk

No matter what moisture protection is used on the phone you buy, do not immerse it in water unless you can afford to buy the next day. All types of moisture protection are worn over time, and a phone that was tight at the time of purchase is not necessarily half a year later. As a rule, you will not receive any moisture damage on warranty or complaint. Such solutions must therefore be seen as more than an assurance that you can snorkel with the equipment.

Having said that, it's also a part that takes the odds with the densest products, and as a rule it's okay. But be aware that the risk here is at your own expense.

 Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the most powerful phones you can buy today, and it is also one of the most expensive. Then it's ok to know that it is also tight and has IP68 certification. A large and great display of either 5.8 or 6.2 tomer can display high-definition brightness HDR images, while details in dark areas are also displayed well. A clean and relatively pretty menu belongs to, and the phone is in most ways a pleasure to use.

 Apple iPhone 7 32GB

IPhone 7 is the first of Apple's phones that is well-secured against the elements. It has IP67 certification and will therefore be able to withstand a dip without major problems. As usual for Apple's top models, it's a very fast mobile phone with simple and good menus and the best app selection on any mobile platform. It has a good camera on the back and you go up to the Plus version of the iPhone 7, you get optical zoom in the package. However, the headphone jack is off, so use the transition provided.

 HTC U11

HTC's new top model is an eye-catching and stylish thing, with an unexpected extra feature. It can be clamped to do as you please. If you stand there with four handbags in hand while your cat unexpectedly paints a Rembrant on the yard, just squeeze around the phone a couple of times, then the situation is over. The phone performs well in every way, and has IP67 certification to withstand immersion in water.

 LG G6

The LG G6 is not the same hardware as the others in this range, but it does not matter much to the user experience. However, it has a very wide 18: 9 screen, as Samsung's option has, but without its curved edges. It makes it the full screen phone for anyone who wants mobile with flat front. It is solidly equipped on the camera front and has IP68 certification.

 Sony Xperia XZ Premium

The Xperia XZ Premium is also in the expensive corner, but like most of the others in this list, it's loaded with technology and can withstand fluid. The slim phone is the only one on the market with extremely high resolution 4K display. It is also among relatively few who have HDR on the specification list. Together with LG and Samsung's option, it can display video with extreme brightness. Shabby performance and a great camera on the backside rounds the experience. For some, it will also be a bonus that it can shoot video in extreme slow motion at 960 frames per second - but it should not be emphasized too heavily since it only lasts for 0.2 seconds.

 Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB

Last year's top Samsung is still a good choice. It does not have a solid screen on the front, but at 4500 kroner it is considered to be reasonably priced in today's selection. Camera that is about as good as the Galaxy S8 and the same fine IP68 certification included. Just over a year after sales start, this begins to be a lot of money for money.

 Sony Xperia X Performance

Xperia X Premium costs around 4500 kroner today, and is thus significantly cheaper than it came. It still offers top performance and has a tilted camera on the back. The IP68 certification belongs to when Sony products are priced, but are no longer a matter of course in the Xperia range. The cheaper issues are mostly not dense.

 Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)

Samsung Galaxy A5 and A3 models are also dense and both have IP68 certification. Prismessig, both of them are just under 3000 kroner - we have not been able to test the cheapest variant of the year, but the Galaxy A5 was a very nice acquaintance, with completely elaborate performance and beautiful design. The camera is good enough, but not quite in the top class. But with a relatively large price difference up to the best, A5 is not a bad choice.

 Huawei P10 Plus 128GB

The top model from Huawei does not have any IP certification, but is still stated as splash proof. Here you also have to keep your tongue straight, because the usual P10 model is not secured in the same way. Here you get a lot of effort, lots of storage and the ability to run two simultaneous SIM cards. As with everything in the price range around 7000 kroner, a beautiful outer and eel-drawn camera is a matter of course.

 Google Pixel 32GB

Google Pixel is, if you get it, protected from splashes. It's not clogged so that you can avoid sinking an IP67 / IP68 phone into water, definitely avoid doing the same with Pixel. But that it has IP53 certification means that it will feel good to be used in pouring rain. It is difficult to obtain and relatively expensive to buy in Norway. But it still offers a user experience some will not be beyond.

 Xiaomi Mi 6

For over 5000 NOK, you get Xiaomi's latest model, which is very well equipped. However, it is missing something important and it is support for 800 MHz 4G. In other words, you may experience poorer coverage outside densely populated areas than with other models. It also has English menus. No problem? If so, you will get a phone with the latest hardware and a spray-proof outer pair a few thousand-leaflets cheaper than the biggest mobile manufacturers. Nice to look at and relatively compact in the long, it is also.